Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sterling skull necklace

I adore all things Halloween. So when school starts and the weather starts to cool off I start to think about what I can make in the workshop to fit the season.  I always do a couple of batches of my lampwork Halloween beads (check them out here and here) but I wanted to try something a little less...cute.

I started by sketching a simple skull outline about a million times.  I don't usually sketch my designs but I wanted something I could cut around so I just did it over and over again until I got one the general shape and scale I wanted to use.

They all started to look like space invaders after a while.

I attached the sketch to a piece of silver with rubber cement to cut out with my saw.

I rounded the edges of the jawline and slightly pulled them to the side.  I sanded the edges down but didn't want them to be too clean - this is supposed to be a little creepy!

I added the chain and showed it to Ben.  He thought I was making a ghast from Minecraft (this was a several minute conversation with me repeatedly saying "ghost?" and him getting very frustrated.  He finally had to show me what he was talking about).

I'm happy with how it turned out - I even got to finally use my hallmark stamp to add to a tag on the chain.

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