Friday, September 13, 2013

Another mason jar project.

About a month ago I got a juicer.  Since the day it arrived, we've been juicing fruits and vegetables just about every day and I'm so glad we got it! The kids have easily tripled their daily servings of fruits and vegetables. 

Most evenings we juice with dinner and then I make more juice for my lunch the next day.  Everything I've read about storing juice basically says you have to drink it within 24 hours of making it and you must use glass containers filled to the very top to keep the air out.  (This could all be propaganda but I'm trying to ditch plastic whenever possible and I love mason jars, so I decided to believe it.) So I've been using mason jars to store my juices for lunch and have even seemed to figure out how much I need to make to get the jar pretty full.

This all works great if I go home over lunch and can hang out there while I drink the juice; I pour it into a glass and have a little break.  But if I need to stop at the store or empty the dishwasher or...whatever else I seem to find to do over my lunch break, that's not feasible.  I can take it back to the office to drink but there is something about drinking directly out of the mason jar that doesn't work well...I always end up with a mess. So I started looking online at what other people do with their juices and found an option to make a lid I can use with a straw.

It took a little while to get all of the components together because I wanted food grade grommets for the lids (I saw a lot of DIY stuff about getting them in the plumbing section of the hardware store - GROSS.  Maybe they are technically ok, but there's something just so wrong about having plumbing materials touching a drink) and stainless steel straws.  But the end result is worth it - now I can use the regular lid to transport my juice and swap it out for one to use with a straw. 

We've added the lid and straw set to the Jars shop on Etsy - go take a look!

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