Sunday, April 16, 2017

Unicorn cake

Our Easter meal was just for our little family of four so we didn't need a giant dessert. But I felt like making something creative and decided on a simple, small unicorn cake.

Simple, yes.  Quick?  No.  I don't make cakes as often as I used to and I'm out of practice...but I needed a few different colors of frosting and made the ears from chocolate so those elements took some time.

I used three layers of six inch cake to make a tallish stack.

I've seen some unicorn cakes with a horn made of fondant or chocolate, but I found this swirled lollipop for $1 at Walmart and never looked back.  

I used the Wilton ColorSwirl 3 Color Coupler to add the mane (I only used two colors).  It works great once it's all set up and ready to pipe, but getting the bags of frosting situated took some patience.  Next time I will load less frosting into each bag and refill if needed - I think that would make the pieces easier to fit together and less likely to come apart.

Once it was all assembled, I dusted the cake liberally with disco dust for some added flair.  I love that stuff - it really makes a difference, especially on a cake decorated like a magical creature.

I'll do this one again at some point - it was perfect for a smaller dessert and was pretty cute if I do say so myself.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Working toward zen

I've been working toward a more relaxed state of mind.  Focus on the positive, consider my blessings, embrace optimism.  It's definitely a journey and some days are better than others for me, but if I get off track I just try to refocus and start again.

I started taking yoga classes and find myself generally more aware of my breathing and my posture.  It's been a big change for me to try to slow down and be more mindful, but I like it.  Working at the jewelry bench also helps me with relaxation - the world just melts away when I get that time to create.

Last weekend I picked up an old request to make an ohm necklace.  When I was going through my notes for that pendant, I came across some tree of life images I had pulled together several months ago and then set aside. I decided to do both symbols by sawing out the designs and layering metals to allow for raised and recessed areas.

Sawing metal can be almost mesermizing for me.  Before I knew it, I had been at the workbench for several hours. I ended up with three pendants I'm really happy with.  One went to my sister (who is also my yoga teacher) for an early birthday gift and the other two have been listed in my Etsy shop.

Etsy listing for this necklace

Etsy listing for this necklace