Thursday, October 15, 2015

It was really just a matter of time jewelry to wear to games.  These are really meant to be more fun than artistic - the baseball seams are held into the sterling pieces with epoxy in an effort to try to keep the stitching together and the pieces in the settings.  The leather is so pliable that the pieces become misshapen if I try to pull the bezel in around it so these have hammered 18g sterling walls around the edges.

As long as the soldering cooperates, these are pretty quick to put together.  I used an exacto knife to pull the leather off the baseball and a template to determine the size and shape of the cut outs.

I made the settings in sterling for earrings and a pendant and tossed them in the tumbler before adding the leather pieces.

The little touch of blue in the stamped letters on the pendant is from alcohol ink. 

I wore these to the final game of the ALDS and we won, so I've decided that means they're good luck.  Right?

I also made myself a keychain in copper.  I don't love it like I do this one, but it's fun.  Now I'm ready for the ALCS!