Saturday, August 6, 2016

Bottle tags for decanters

Ben loves to go to garage sales.  I don't, but I take him some Saturday mornings with the sole purpose of being his driver and scout, helping him get to and comb through piles of random things.

I can't say it doesn't occasionally pay off...I have gotten boxes of files and hammers for next to nothing a couple of times.  Last weekend I found several glass decanters covered in dust and bought three of them.  While they soaked in the sink I went to the workbench and made bottle tags for each of them in copper.    


I can't seem to stay away from a heat patina when it comes to copper.

I honestly don't really drink much of anything that needs a tag.  Wine goes bad, so that wouldn't work.  I picked three types for the tags, then went out and bought alcohol I'll probably never drink to match the labels.

There is something I adore about the elegant, symmetrical glass patterns with rustic copper tags hanging on them.  It's good that I like them, because I think they may sit on the side table in the dining room full to these exact levels forever.