Thursday, March 20, 2014

Nose jewelry prototypes

These are very simple pieces -  sterling "U" studs and nose rings.

These are 20 gauge sterling wires that I balled under the torch. A little more shaping and voila!

I'm learning, though, that not all nose piercings are created equal. The hole placement matters.  Higher holes might make a style more uncomfortable or require a larger hoop than lower holes.  So I guess I'll just try to stick to what is considered standard.  I don't have a nose piercing so I've asked someone to test drive the styles for me and give me some feedback.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Instagram dump

I was late getting on the Instagram bandwagon.  But now that I've joined, I've been surprised by the inspiration I find there and how supportive other artists are.  I love that I can just take quick pictures with my phone and they don't have to be perfect (some are even a bit out of focus, thankyouverymuch).

If you are on Instagram and want to follow the Ellie's account, I show some of the projects I blog about but I also show some of my works in progress.  Have you joined? You can follow me at  

Here are some of my recent Instagram posts from that account: 

Lucky horseshoe necklace in sterling silver

Trio of circles necklace in sterling silver

A druzy (drusy?) quartz I'm enamored with and made into this necklace

A slightly out of focus labradorite

Possibly my favorite necklace ever - a large labradorite and sterling silver necklace

A fold formed copper business card holder with (surprise?) a heat patina

Stamped necklace on a snow day - I kept this one!