Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Side trip: Monarch Watch open house

Every year Ben and I go to the Monarch Watch open house - we both really love it.  They do an open house twice a year and have educational games and exhibits and a beautiful butterfly garden to walk through.

This is a swallowtail butterfly we saw in the garden - wow. 

This year Ben tagged a monarch (I thought it was going to be some grand surgical type of thing but it's really just a sticker) and got a little slip of information with that number on it to track his monarch migration to Mexico.

He also got to bring home a chrysalis to nurture.  In past years, the monarch has appeared within 12 hours of bringing it home.  It's been a couple of days and the chrysalis is still a green color so I know we have a little bit more will get almost black and sort of transparent right before the monarch emerges.  So for now we are just watching it.

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