Friday, October 4, 2013

Birthday sweets in a jar.

My grandma's birthday is this week.  Not only has she always sent a card for special occasions, but they have never arrived late. She is on top of that stuff.   

So we made her some small but decadent fudge brownies topped with chocolate ganache and mini peanut butter cups to celebrate her special day and sent them off in the mail. I'm watching that tracking progress like a hawk to make sure they get to her on time (did you know you can have the post office email you every single time the package is moved during transit?? I also checked to be sure that USPS is exempt from the government shutdown nonsense, and at least for now, it is.)...I'm not as good at getting things out on time as she is.  But they are set to arrive on her birthday so I'm hoping for the best.

I also went ahead and listed them in our Jars Etsy shop - they aren't cake but they're close enough...right?

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