Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cheeseburger and fries

Ben's school carnival was this weekend, and one of the activities was a cake walk.  We decided to enter the cake decorating contest portion of the cake walk with something he was interested in making and could also be very involved with:  a giant cheeseburger and fries. There were five categories with a prize awarded for the winner of each one, and the cheeseburger cake could fit into almost any of them.

During the week, I baked and froze several mini loaves of poundcake, a giant brownie, and a yellow cake.  We got all of those out on Saturday morning, and Ben made the buttercream frosting and tinted it red to look like ketchup.

He cut all of the poundcake into zig-zag shapes to look like fries and I monitored them under the broiler.

Then he made the "cheese" slices out of Laffy Taffy by running them through the pasta attachment on the mixer then cutting random circles in them with cookie cutters (this was his favorite part).

He rolled out red fruit slices to make tomatoes and we put together the same green chocolate-covered cereal we made for the April Fool's sub sandwiches.  I helped him stack the cake and he added all of the toppings and the frosting.  We dusted the top with sesame seeds, arranged the fries, and added a little dipping container of frosting ketchup.  Done!

His cake won the most creative shape category, which earned him a free bundle of carnival tickets.  He was really proud of his cake, telling anyone who mentioned it about rolling out the Laffy Taffy.  A fun day for both of us!


  1. Totally awesome!! Congrats on the win!! You two make a GREAT team!

  2. Thanks, ladies!

    Janice, he is my little baking buddy, so we had a lot of fun!

    Steph--I miss talking to you!! Maybe we will run into each other at a graduation celebration....

  3. We had BETTER run into each other at a graduation celebration! In the meantime, I'm always up for a happy hour meet-up in Lawrence. :) I miss you, too!!

  4. Oh Stephanie, I'm absolutely checking my calendar and will send you a msg soon!