Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Fool's Day take out

Last year on April Fool's Day, Ben and I put together these TV dinner cupcakes for his daycare.

This year we decided to go with another sweet treat dressed up as a main course.

French fries

and sub sandwiches

We found the idea for both of these components in the book, What's New, Cupcake? and I started clearing my calendar.  Every time I have made any of the cupcakes from that book, it has taken hours to prep all of the components.  The end result doesn't disappoint, but I often steer away from those projects simply because I can't put in that much time.

The fries are made from crinkle cut pound cake put under the broiler to give them some color (for every one usable fry, there were three burned ones).  Mini cupcakes topped with tinted frosting were simple and worked out well for the little ketchup cups on the side.

The bread on the sandwich is the top half of a mini loaf of pound cake, brushed with edible glue and sprinkled with sesame seeds.  The lunch meat and cheese were made from Laffy Taffy candy that I rolled through the pasta attachment on the mixer. The lettuce is Special K cereal coated in melted chocolate (I suggest you do not try one of these just to see how they taste...I ate half of the first batch without even realizing it) and the tomato is a fruit slice, rolled flat.

I packaged each sandwich with some fries and a ketchup cup in a plastic clamshell container and dropped them off at the daycare.  They were a big hit, Ben was happy, and I have an entire year to recuperate from all of the ridiculous prep that had to go into these!