Monday, May 23, 2011

Glass gifts

When I made the PB/chocolate cupcakes for my sisters, I also gave them some jewelry. I sent the Doc a couple of pairs of earrings and made Hally a necklace.  Since she had taken those incredible pictures of my torch work, I decided to make her a glass cabochon and set in sterling. I said that very casually, but every single attempt I had made at the glass cabochon up until that point had failed miserably.  In fact, many of them had ended up on the garage floor after practically leaping off of the mandrel with me hopping around trying to avoid a burned foot.

This one was a success--just layers and layers and layers of glass.  I gave the sterling setting a matte finish because that is a bit easier to maintain...minor scratches and tarnish aren't an issue as much as something with a shiny polish on it.

The other bead I made during that glass session was a replacement for a friend who had a simple necklace I made a long time ago.  She lost the necklace, so I recreated the bead (as best I could remember--I know it is similar, but glass has a way of moving around in ways that make replication impossible for me) on leather cording for her.

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