Sunday, August 8, 2010

A weekend at the bakery

I don't work a ton of hours at the bakery; sometimes I go a couple of months without clocking in there.  Everything depends on the number of hours they have for the week in that department of the store...and maybe how much I stop by and whine about wanting to work.

Here are the top reasons I love to work there:
1. I don't work that often, so it doesn't feel like a drain on my time. It's more like going on a play date.
2. I love the people I work with there.
3. I don't have to bake any of the cakes and there seems to be an endless supply in all flavors and sizes.
4. I don't have to wash ANY of the dishes.  None.  Not a single frosting-filled tip!
5. I can usually get away with coloring very little fondant--it's often already done in a rainbow of colors.
6. I don't have to find some poor, unsuspecting crowd of people to unload the cake on. I simply put the cakes in the case and walk away.
7. I get paid to do it!

Last weekend the stars aligned and I got to work four hours on both Saturday and Sunday.  At one point, I was showing a coworker how to make 3D figures out of fondant using existing colors.  There were some really ugly color combinations going on, and my friend Kelli asked if I was making a clown.

When I say the word "clown", my mouth twists up and the distaste I have for them is visible on my face. Seriously, they're creepy.  But when Kelli said it, she was excited.  She said she would love a clown for the display case.  So this is what I made*:

Not tooooo creepy, I guess. We needed a cake to go with him, so I put this together:

That slice is really an eight inch cake with the sides shaved off--that's about the size I like to have if I'm eating a piece of cake!

I also made a cake I have been wanting to try but didn't have a reason to--it's really simple and only took me about 20 minutes start to finish (remember, no baking or cleaning up!).

I will definitely do this one again--it is something I can do when I'm short on time.

*A drawback to the bakery time is that the pictures are only as good as I can get with my phone and those florescent store lights surrounding everything. 

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