Sunday, August 22, 2010

Double ring

I was watching a recording of Project Runway from my DVR last week and saw a ring that completely derailed any attention span I had for the show.  One of the designers was wearing it during the judging of the make-a-garment-out-of-crappy-party-supplies challenge. (She won the challenge, although I can't say that I understand why. But I digress.)  This is how it goes with me.  You might think you are meeting with me about some serious, important matter...and I'm participating, really.  But don't think I don't notice the earrings you are wearing, or that you seem to prefer gold over silver. 

The ring was very simple--a silver rectangle that went across two fingers.  I. Wanted. To. Make. That. Ring. When I told Gage about my plans, he informed me that he was pretty sure that brass knuckles were illegal. 

I combed the internet via Google to try to find a still image of that ring, but didn't have any luck. I found some of those rings, but almost all of them fit over two fingers and had a name spelled out in metal with some flowery font.  No, thank you.  So I resorted to pulling a screenshot from the PR website


Since I wanted to make one continuous sterling loop, I used 20 gauge silver sheet so that it would be sturdy enough to hold the shape of the ring.  The sizing was a bit awkward, trying to size for two fingers using one ring mandrel. The ring I saw on PR looks like it is fairly angular, but I wanted mine to be comfortable and really fit both of the fingers, so this is the shape I ended up with:


I wanted to keep it fairly simple and created an overlap on one side and added a sterling rivet and a couple of holes with copper inlay to it. 

(Please excuse the severely dry hands of the model...using chemicals and spending time at the workbench in general isn't too conducive to soft hands.)

So this week, I'll test drive the ring to see how it feels and decide if I want to make more.  Maybe I will make Stephanie M. one that says, "Twilight" in a flowery font for her birthday!! 


  1. Haha - yes, please!! I would wear it every day! ;)

    Seriously, though, very cool ring!

  2. Thanks! I'll just have to keep hoping to get you on the bandwagon!