Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Easy Thanksgiving desserts

Need some easy Thanksgiving desserts?  I wanted to bring dessert for a family gathering and ended up going with a couple of favorites that are really, really easy to make and travel well. 

First I made fudge brownies with chocolate ganache and peanut butter cups.  It's very hard to go wrong with these - people love them.  And if you need to take a dessert in the car and don't want to worry about a cake box or a pan, just bake them directly in small mason jars and pack them in the car with all the rest of your luggage.  I froze these overnight before packing them up to make the drive.

I used to be very precise with my ganache recipe, but now I just wing it and it seems to work out fine.  Too thin?  Add more chocolate. 

Then I made chocolate peppermint bark sugar cookies - also incredibly easy.  Cookie dough that bakes all at one time?  I like it.   I am not really a peppermint kind of person, but these things are addictive.

Now to just stay out of them while we make the drive...

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