Monday, November 25, 2013

Show prep

There is only one art show I do every year and it's coming up in a few days.  This last weekend it was so incredibly cold that I didn't spend much time at the workbench.  I just didn't last very long.  There is a point where my fingers just stop doing what I will them to and it's time to go inside.

So instead I spent some time tidying up loose ends on copper projects that I started but never finished - some of them are fairly recent but a couple have literally been sitting on my desk for almost a year. 

This pair of anticlastic copper earrings:

What I thought would be a quick pair of wire wrapped earrings. (Not quick. I still don't really know why.)

A smaller version of the "bubble earrings" I made a few weeks ago:

I'll add this pendant to a leather cord before I consider it done, but I really love how it turned out. I textured copper with a hammer, "puffed" it using the hydraulic press and finished with a heat patina:

And a set of copper bangles with a heat patina:


I've decided I won't list any of these in my Etsy shop; after the show is over I'll see what's left and update listings.  That's always a good time to kind of clean up my shop and start fresh!

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