Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Little pony cake

Last weekend Gage asked me to make a birthday cake for one of his friends.  As he described the details for it, I got an image of something for my three year old niece rather than an 18 year old guy. But I decided to just make the cake as requested and not ask questions.  A friend said it was probably for a Brony, and I think she was right.

The cake was to be pink with a meadow on top and a little purple pony with wings and a yellow mane sitting in the grass.

So here's what I did:

The pink is a little jolting, but I actually like how the little pony turned out...kind of cute, right?  I used fondant mixed with tylose powder for the body and just rolled yellow fondant for the mane and tail.  It was really pretty quick and just needed about a day to set up before I put it on top of the cake.

I'll have to finish up one last project and then put the cake aside for a while...the Bizarre Bazaar is just a few weeks away at this point so I need to focus on jewelry...

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