Sunday, June 6, 2010

Time out for cake

Ben helped me put together the ideas for this cake. We knew we would have a giant cupcake cake delivered to us, ready to frost and decorate. We knew we wanted to use the Cricut Cake for the letters, and our instructions were to go in the direction of castle/dragon/whimsical.

I got the Make the Cut program for the Cricut Cake--it is a one time purchase rather than several cartridges and the variety of fonts and images is incredible. I found the font I wanted on the computer, then hooked the computer to the Cricut, hit a button, and it printed out the lettering for me. Simple! The lettering is what I was most hoping to get from the takes an enormous amount of time and often doesn't look uniform when I do it by hand or with cutters.

We looked at the option of doing a two dimensional dragon for the side of the cake shaped somewhat like a castle, but it just wouldn't come together. Since the actual cake portion would have to be put together quickly, I wanted to focus on the dragon and let the cake be more of a backdrop. I was not sure I could put together a 3D dragon with less than 24 hours to dry, but decided to try loading the fondant up with tylose powder to help it firm up more quickly. It worked out!

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