Friday, June 4, 2010

Spinner rings

When I was probably 10ish, my mom got me a barrette with several tiny fabric people wearing brightly colored clothes attached to it. All lined up, like they were lying down next to each other. She told me they were "worry people", and the idea is that you tell your worries to those little dolls and they take on the burden of what is troubling you. She probably thought they were interesting and fun--and they were--but they made a big impression on me and I really talked to those little guys about my anxieties.

Years later, I discovered the "worry stones" that have a polished groove to rub your thumb in when you are anxious. Same idea, as far as I was concerned...transferring your troubles.

So even though these were introduced to me as "spinner rings", I immediately connected them to the worry people on my barrette and the worry stones I have seen in rock shops. Something to spin while I fidget.

The first time I saw them was probably a couple of years ago on the Jewelry Artists Network...Randi posted the one I saw first and I was hooked. (Incidentally, Randi referred me to the JAN from another site where I had posted a question about soldering.) I added them to my never-ending to do list.

These are made from sterling silver sheet and hammered wire. I still need to size them, but they are both pretty big--probably 9 or 10. I like the idea of wearing them on my thumb or index finger, but I suppose I will try to make some in smaller sizes eventually as well.