Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Upcycled silver: the first broom cast piece

I have heard people using the term "upcycling" in place of "recycling" recently. Ok, I get it--sort of like saying I am vertically challenged instead of short. Just to make sure I wasn't missing some new spin, I checked Wikipedia for a definition. Upcycling means reusing materials to create something of better quality or higher environmental purpose. This sort of makes me laugh because it's so subjective, and I think reusing materials for just about anything is better than tossing them away. So I declare my use of scrap silver to make a pendant upcycling.

I used some of the pieces I made during my first broom casting session and arranged them around a tube setting on a backplate. I was thinking about some sort of organic sunburst, and I love how it turned out.

I selected an amethyst from my newly acquired stash of faceted stones to set in the center, then oxidized it.


  1. this is gorgeous!!! I'd call it recycled -- but I am not sure it matters.

  2. What......this. is. AWESOME!

  3. I love the fact that your blog is about the two things I like best - jewellery & cake. Yum!!!

  4. Thanks, Janice--I think you are right, I will be using the tube settings a lot!

    Sara, it's one of my faves so far--I will have to show it to you up close and in person.

    Vicky! I'm so glad you hopped over to my little blog space--they are also MY two favorite things!! Since I tend to eat too much cake when I make it, it's good to have another avenue to create!