Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Textured earrings

I used a chasing tool to texture the sterling discs on these earrings and then shaped them with a dapping block before adding the beaded components. I recently got a wood block for just this type of work--I was hoping that the wood might be more forgiving on the texture I add to my metal pieces than my steel block. It seemed to do the trick--I was able to get a nice domed shape on the sterling without losing any of the details.

The first pair is fairly simple--turquoise beads and oxidized sterling discs on wires:

Next, my first attempt at post earrings. My mom suggested I make some a few years ago and I wasn't that interested...but it seems like I have seen more people wearing them recently. I have always preferred wires, so that was what I made.
I added copper rivets and bamboo coral to the discs, and I love how they look. (Not that I would ever wear earrings generally annoy me!)

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