Monday, November 30, 2009

The Bizarre Bazaar

Every year, on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, there is an art show/fair/festival held in Lawrence called the Bizarre Bazaar. It was started many years ago by a group of women who made unusual art, and it has grown to the size of about 120 artists. When the registration form comes in May, you don't wait a couple of weeks to mail it back in to save your spot--you fill it out and return it that VERY DAY. The spots fill quickly and there is always a long waiting list to get in.

The show is unique in a lot of ways. The artist booth fee is very low, but each artist also participates in putting on the show by serving on a committee (advertising, decorating, etc, etc) and bringing items for the bake sale that takes place that day. There is definitely mainstream art, but also a great sampling of unusual art, like the woman who sells the decorated chicken feet (I am horrified by and strangely drawn to them at the same time) and another who made portraits out of chewing gum. I have done a few art shows in the past seven or eight years, but this is the only one I have done every year--I love how it feels to be there. There is something really great about the mood of the show. Maybe the participatory requirements bring the artists together, because everyone is really helpful and pleasant.

Anyway, here is a (quick) picture of my table at this year's show, taken in between shoppers:

Not the best photo, but the other one was out of focus and I was in a hurry! I have lots of new stuff that I put together for the show, and hopefully I will get some pictures up over the next couple of days. I got heavily involved in the lampwork to prep for this year since that was the bulk of what I sold last year. First up, a pair of earrings...more to come!

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