Friday, November 20, 2009

Camera cake

I made this carrot cake with cream cheese frosting for Hally's birthday. Since photography is her thing, I decided to attempt a sculpted cake. Even though it provides a cleaner look for the cake, nobody in my family really likes to eat the MM fondant (well, maybe for the first bite or two, but after that, no thanks) I skipped it.

The camera's lens and preview frame are made from poured sugar. I didn't have any molds to get these to come out the way I wanted them to, so I lined stainless steel cookie cutters with the Reynolds Release foil. There must be a way to sort of sand down the edges of the pieces once they come out of the molds, but I haven't figured that out yet. Even though the edges are a little bit rough, I wasn't even sure they would come out of the molds properly, so I was content with the results.

The pictures were taken in a hurry and the lighting isn't that great--I was still trying to put the finishing touches on the cake when Hally showed up for dinner!

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