Sunday, November 8, 2009

Relaxation favorites birthday cake

This cake topper went on a birthday cake for a guy who likes to play guitar, play XBox, and drink coffee. It was a challenge to fit all of this onto one cake topper, and I came very close to leaving the television and stand off of the scene. But I checked the order and I said I would put those on there, so I did.

The chair and tv stand are made from rice krispie treats (a total of 12!!!) covered in fondant, the television and guitar are made from a combination of modeling chocolate, piped chocolate, and royal icing, and the figure, the coffee cup, and XBox controller are made from fondant. I put brown fondant inside the cup and topped it off with piping gel to make it look like liquid. All of this sat on top of a white cake with vanilla buttercream frosting.

This was my last cake order before the fall jewelry show...I have a couple of cakes I want to make for celebrations, but won't take any new orders for others until after Thanksgiving weekend. It will be good to focus more attention on the jewelry side of things...I have been turning a lot of projects over in my mind and it would be nice to try some of those things out!

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