Thursday, February 28, 2013

Side trip: easy embellished baby gift

We decorated onesies for the activity at a baby shower a few weeks ago, and since we had some leftover materials, Ben and I each made a onesie for the newest baby in our family.

The steps are simple and the materials are minimal - really a great activity to do with kids.

  • Fabric for designs
  • Pinking shears and/or fabric scissors
  • Fabric markers for drawing/outlining (optional)
  • Plain onesies
  • Fusible web adhesive (we used Wonder Under)
  • Iron (set to low)
To decorate the onesie
  1. Cut out a fabric design.  You can use a template or just cut out a design you like...pinking shears are best to keep the edges from fraying all over the place.
  2. On a low setting, iron the fabric to a fusible adhesive.  Once it's attached to the fabric, the paper backing will peel off exposing a slightly glossy surface that will attach the design to the onesie.
  3. Iron the design onto the onesie.
  4. Add other design elements with fabric markers.
Ben and I had a great time planning out our designs and both added a little tie embellishment.  We boxed them up with a few jarcakes for mom and dad (and maybe enough to share with the neighbors across the street) and shipped them out.

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