Saturday, February 2, 2013

Shotgun shell rings

When I was little and visiting my grandparents, I would sometimes see my grandfather sitting in front of a big machine in a side room of the basement making shells.  I *think* they were shotgun shells.  The motion of the machine reminds me of a slot machine - a big arm that he would pull down to pack the shell.  When I saw spent shotgun shells in the supply section on Etsy, the memory of standing behind him and watching while he worked came back to me and I decided to see what I could make out of them.

When I make jewelry I work with chemicals, torches, saws...lots of stuff that can tear up my hands.  But these shells were a new challenge and a total pain.  I tried cutting the plastic insert out with a hand saw, with shears, and finally with a box cutting knife before I got the metal end pieces cut away to use.

The finished rings are HUGE.  In a fun way.  But if you don't want people commenting on them (and possibly sparking yet another gun control/second amendment conversation), these would not be the rings for you.

So maybe the rings are just the start. They are too heavy to use in earrings, but possibly bracelets and pendants...?

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