Friday, February 15, 2013

Baby shower open house

I admit it:  baby showers are not generally my thing.  I think the games are ridiculous and awkward and I just don't....get it. So when my friend Heather asked if I was interested in co hosting a baby shower I had an immediate sense of trepidation. But. I adore the expecting couple and Heather is down to earth and fun; opting out never crossed my mind.
Rather than an uber structured event, we planned an open house format with a window of time for guests to drop in and see the couple.  Heather did the heavy lifting in terms of the theme and the location and I brought the sugar cookie favors and cupcakes.  


We share a general distaste for shower games and opted to do a onesie decorating station instead, asking guests to design and decorate onesies in all different sizes for the baby to wear over the coming year.  

The couple was happy with the outcome and I love that it was relaxed and not filled with weird games.   Success!


  1. Can you tell me a little more about what you had available for the guests to use to decorate? I am far from a crafty person, but think this is such a neat idea! I am planning a shower for my sister's first baby for July.

    1. Sure -
      * Pre-washed white onesies in a variety of sizes
      * A variety of fabric squares in different patterns and colors
      * Iron on fabric adhesive (like this - I don't remember the brand we used -
      * Pinking shears to cut out the fabric designs so it wouldn't fray too much
      * Regular fabric shears
      * Fabric markers
      * Cookie cutters to use to outline shapes - great for cute, simple designs
      * A few simple templates we found online.

      Good luck with it!