Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Rice krispie cake

Last year I made this cake for my niece's birthday:

The top part of the mushroom is a giant rice krispie treat--an easy way to form something in a round shape by letting it set up in a pyrex bowl. I covered it with a layer of frosting and then fondant. 

Simply put, it changed the way I looked at cake. I've always been someone who tolerated a thin layer of cake under my frosting, but the idea of having rice krispie treats with frosting never crossed my mind before that. My sister had the same reaction to the rice krispie cake that I did, so I made her a little cake (I refer to it as rice krispie cake, but there is no actual cake involved) of her own for her birthday last May.

Then there was the Monster House rice krispie cake for Ben's birthday:

It's my sister's birthday again, and when we returned from our day of carnival caking, I made her a rice krispie cake covered in (too much) frosting and then fondant. 

Never tried it?  It's really simple--just make the rice krispie treat mixture and pour it into greased cake pans. Let it set up and then treat the rice krispie rounds like you would any cake...fill, frost, decorate.  They do take a  bit more effort to cut through than a real cake, but it's worth it.

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