Thursday, May 10, 2012

Textured copper pendants

These pendants both have a texture and contrast element to them that I adore. 

They are constructed in the same fashion, using a dapping block to create both the "seat" and the domed pieces of copper. The seats are copper discs with the centers cut out and dapped.  This was a new technique for me, so it probably took much longer than it should have...but I'm definitely planning to do more.

I wanted a lot of contrast and added texture to the center pieces before soldering them into the seats.  I hammered the smaller disc and then heated solder over it to add some color.  After the solder flowed over the entire piece, I sanded it off of the raised areas--a simple technique that creates a great effect.  

Every time I add color with the solder like this, it comes out a little bit differently; the amount of solder that I sand off varies from one project to another. 

The center of the larger disc has some fine silver mesh soldered to it--the grid pattern is still visible but the texture around the edges of the grid are irregular.  Love it. 

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