Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hammered hoops

This set is similar in construction techniques to the silver stick set I made a couple of weeks ago; most of the work could be done at my indoor workspace.  I did have to do part of the work at the garage bench to get all of the hoops soldered, but it was a short stint.

Each hoop is made from 16 gauge sterling wire, soldered into a circle shape then put through the rolling mill to coax them into an oval.  I hammered the ovals for texture and connected them with hammered 16 gauge jump rings.  The 16 gauge worked well in terms of weight; since there were five hoops on the necklace I didn't want to go too heavy.

The necklace is short and works well with scoop necklines--I'll be keeping the prototype.  You know, to test how well it wears.

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