Sunday, March 25, 2012

Angry bird bead set

Last week Ben introduced me to Angry Birds.  I've heard all of the hype about it and I've even had the app on my phone for a long time (I'm not sure who did that, actually) but never played.  Ben wanted to download Angry Birds Space, citing all of the reasons that Space was more awesome than Regular. When it became clear to him that I didn't know anything about the game he insisted I play a couple of levels under his tutelage.  We did have a brief disagreement about who the good guys were; I tried to explain that I thought the pigs were sort of sad and passive while the birds were clearly ANGRY but he wasn't having it.  

So we got Space.  And he says it's just as awesome as he thought it would be.  Whatever.  I have enough addictions filling up my dance card and I don't need to add another.  But as I watched him play and he told me all about the characters I started daydreaming about these:

See?  One of those other addictions.

I woke up early - before 5 - on Saturday and couldn't stop thinking about making a little set of Angry Bird beads for Ben. So I got up and made them. Laying there pretending I can go back to sleep is useless.

My favorite is the misunderstood pig.

Ben's favorite bead is the red bird but his favorite character is the black bomb bird.

And here is the whole set, ready to go on Ben's backpack zipper for his post Spring Break return to school.


  1. Are you selling any of them? I am looking for a red bird bead.

  2. Hi Susan,
    I have a red bird bead if you are still interested - you can email me at for details.