Sunday, February 19, 2012

Silver stick jewelry

I say it every winter:  The cold weather makes it difficult to spend much time at my workbench in the garage.  So jewelry projects have been reduced to prep work at my desk inside to make my work at the soldering station as short as possible, or items that don't have any "hot" connections.

I made this set made with what I refer to as silver "sticks"; the necklace has several 14 gauge sterling silver sticks hanging from a greek leather cord (it's a long necklace, measuring just under 29 inches in its entirety and hanging about 16 inches measuring from the back of the neck) and the earrings each have three 20 gauge sterling sticks.  

I used a steel bench block and a planishing hammer to create a very smooth, flat surface on each piece of silver.  All of the individual pieces create great movement and the planished surfaces reflect the light really nicely...maybe being forced to work away from the soldering station isn't such a bad thing.

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