Monday, February 21, 2011

Side trip: Bedazzling

I freely admit it.  I am drawn to things that a lot of people consider gaudy.  I love big hair, lots of makeup, and sparkly stuff in general.  I think it comes from my 80's experience. 

So I'm enamored with the idea of bedazzling.  I know I shouldn't like it, but I do.  When I was visiting my parents last fall, I talked to my mom about the need for everyone in the family to have a shirt with their names bedazzled on the back of them.

A few weeks ago, I saw this in the craft store:

and it was super cheap.  Eight bucks for the bedazzler thing and a ton of bedazzles.  I stood in the aisle, fantasizing about all of the STUFF Ben and I could make with it.  So I got one.

We started with some little projects...a tote bag, an apron for my sister.  But I kept thinking we needed to do something...bigger.

I thought my mom needed something, but what's the point of bedazzling if you don't personalize it?  Since she prepares taxes, Ben and I got her a sweater wrap to wear in the office and just baaaaaaarely decorated the front of it with a little tastefully restrained pattern of silver stones (well, not really stones, but whatever they are) on each side.

And the back:

Isn't that FUN??!!  Business in the front, party in the back.

I'm still looking around for other items to bedazzle, so if you are relieved you haven't gotten anything like this sweater from me, just be warned:  yours may be on its way soon.


  1. Come on, Steph! Surely there is something you feel needs that little touch of pizzazz! Am I right? You don't have to answer that. ;)