Saturday, February 26, 2011

Birthday celebrations

Last weekend was full of cake.  First, there was this cake for a baby shower:

This went to a baby shower for twin boys (get it? The two little blue bees on top?) and was a new and slightly improved version of the first beehive cake I did several months ago.  Getting a decent picture of this cake was not something I really figured out--it's very tall and as with all cake deliveries, I had about 30 seconds to try to capture it on film before I needed to get moving to drop it off on time.

Once that delivery was complete, I turned my attention to a theme party for my one year old niece.  My sister only gave me direction in one word:  Gnomes.  (Then she asked me not to "go crazy".  I decided she did that to be polite...I mean, she knows me.  I don't know how to just quietly say, 'Happy Birthday' to anyone, let alone an adorable niece.)

I found a few things at the party store--a tablecloth that looked like it was a blanket of grass, some tableware and balloons.  Check.  

The cake was a little toadstool house with a sleeping gnome on the side of it.  But the best part was the mushroom top--it was one giant rice krispie treat covered in a layer of cream cheese frosting and then fondant. I'm not going to pretend that wasn't the best part of the entire cake.  It was.

Ben and I found a quick and easy gnome costume online that we made with felt.  We made hats for everyone and little beards to go along with them, but the fumes from the adhesive on them proved to be a little bit much to casually wear the beards around as I had envisioned. We tried, though!

It was a fun little party and wonderful to get to spend some time with my sisters!

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