Monday, March 29, 2010

Scribbled earrings and an update

A long time ago, I got a scribe to add some design elements to my metal work. Then, like so many other tools and materials, I set it aside and sort of forgot about it for a while. I always find these set-asides and use them eventually, but I am starting to think about keeping a notebook detailing what supplies I order with a column that says THIS IS WHAT YOU WERE PLANNING TO DO WHEN YOU ORDERED IT...the ideas come and go, and it can be pretty frustrating to suddenly remember a project I planned on doing an entire year ago. I guess I should be happy I remembered it at all, but it gives me a weird sense of urgency to get started right away so I don't forget it yet again.

These earrings fall into that category of forgotten projects.

I used a disc cutter with 24 gauge sterling silver sheet for the shapes and used the scribe inside a stencil like this one. I like the scribbling effect of the lines crossing over each other and not filling the circle entirely. I oxidized them to pick up the detail in the scribbling, then sanded them to a matte finish and added the ear wires. I like them!

...And just to provide a follow up: I made this copper cuff a while ago, but sanded down the ends a bit more since I initially posted pictures on this blog. Here is the updated picture:

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