Saturday, January 30, 2010

Copper fold formed bracelet

After adding and removing it from my Amazon cart maybe a dozen times in the last year, I finally got Charles Lewton-Brain's book, Foldforming*(thanks, Mom and Dad, for the Christmas gift certificate!)and have been going through it over and over again. I like his approach to working with metal; it's obvious that he has spent years honing his techniques but his instruction encourages the reader to view his methods as a jumping off point. I decided to start with a giant copper bracelet. When I say giant, I mean this may be the largest metal anything I have ever made.

I was trying to give the fold formed line a sort of wave pattern. It's not that fluid, but I like the organic feel to the line. I opened the fold and added a hammered texture to either side of the line, then polished and oxidized it.

And just for size reference:

*I'm struggling with this term. I realize that the experts refer to it as "foldforming", but I can't bring myself to ignore the spell check line that shows up when I write it that way and always end up writing "fold forming" instead.

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