Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Melting snowmen

I made about 45 of these cookies for Ben's classroom winter party. I have seen something like them on a website in the past and thought they would be a big hit. I had never tried flooding a cookie with royal icing, so the added element of being unsure of how all of that would go just made me want to try it more. Here is a picture of one of the finished cookies:

I used sugar cookies, but you could probably use just about any kind of cookie or cupcake you want (maybe a bigger cupcake...I don't know that there is really room for all of this on a regular cupcake!) for the base. Then I made the basic Wilton royal icing and piped an outline for the melted body. I thinned the royal icing out a bit more and piped that into the middle of the outline, then added rainbow chip sprinkles for the buttons and a half-melted marshmallow for the head. I added vanilla buttercream frosting for the nose, eyes, mouth and arms.

Next time (if there is one...these things take a long time to make and the marshmallow part is really messy!!), I won't flood the cookie with quite so much royal icing--I like how it looks when the flooding is flat on the surface.

In the end, I only brought home three cookies and my reputation as an overdoer was solidly intact.

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