Sunday, December 27, 2009

Igloo cake

I worked at the bakery for the first time in...maybe six weeks? yesterday. I had a great time and realized how much I miss being there. The available hours probably won't increase anytime soon, so for now it looks like I will only work when there are gaps in the schedule.

Here is the cake I made yesterday--the igloo is a double layer ten inch round cake and a giant cupcake turned on it's side, all covered in fondant. The penguins hanging out around it are made with fondant (these pictures were taken with my phone...not the best quality, but it's all I have!):

and a better picture of one of the penguins:

I wanted to add a little blue fondant lake and a tree or two around the sides of the igloo, but I am already painfully slow in commercial bakery terms and felt like I needed to wrap it up already and move on to the next task (the rushing shows in my piping on the igloo)! Maybe next time...

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