Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Ukrainian trident pendant

After many (many!!!) attempts to make this pendant, I finally sent it out this week.  Piercing isn't something I do a whole lot so it's painstakingly slow and figuring out the right gauge metal to use doesn't always happen on the first try.

I made this for my brother in law.  The trident is a national symbol of pride and the shape makes out the letters ВОЛЯ, meaning "freedom."  Sometimes it appears on the flag, although not in an official sense. The symbol is yellow and the background blue like the colors of the flag, so I tried to mimic that the best I could by heavily oxidizing the silver and using copper for the symbol. 

ВОЛЯ: "В" on the left side, "O" in the middle, "Л" (in cursive this looks like a cursive "L" in English) is the top part of the middle, and "Я" (backwards R) on the right side. 

Here are some process pictures of the pendant coming together...see the other one in the background?  I eventually melted that one.  Others fell victim to piercing or sanding issues.

I'm incredibly happy with how this came out - I love being able to make meaningful things for people I care about. 

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