Thursday, April 23, 2015

Ring remodel

This ring request has a great back story.  I don't actually know the people involved so I'm going to cut through all of the descriptions and just make it simple: when a guy asked a a girl to marry him, he gave her a token ring with the intent that she help pick out her own engagement ring. She wanted to preserve the placeholder ring and asked if I could remodel the ring in sterling silver.

The placeholder was somewhat flimsy; it was adjustable and I'm pretty sure it was made from aluminum.  She asked if I could take out the 9mm bullet casing and set it in silver.  I'm always a little nervous about things like this because if I'm not sure what the metal is or how the setting is attached, I could end up destroying the ring trying to get it apart.  I gave the usual warnings but she wanted me to try it anyway.

It was actually no big deal to get the setting out...I just pried it out.

I made the new ring with sterling silver half round wire and 24 gauge sheet.  I love how it turned out!