Sunday, July 27, 2014

Tree stump for the workshop

We had a pretty big storm come through in the middle of the night a couple of weeks ago.  The winds were crazy and trees were damaged all over town.  As people cleaned up their yards, tree limbs lined the streets awaiting pick up.  

After the major clean up efforts had already taken place, I mentioned to Lowell over a lunch break that I wished I would have tried to get a tree stump for metal work while all of those trees were being cut down.  

That evening, this is what our driveway looked like:

Apparently he saw someone cutting down a damaged tree on his way back to work and stopped to see if he could take some of the stumps.  

I picked through them to decide which I wanted to keep....the rest will go for firewood.

From what I've read about stump preparation, the general idea is to try to keep the stumps from drying out too quickly because that can lead to cracking.  

I got some latex paint to seal the ends of the stumps.  Any latex paint would work, so I found some clearance paint that someone must have decided they didn't want.   

Once the paint dried they went into giant, thick trash bags to keep any remaining moisture contained. I'll air them out every week to keep mold from forming and then seal them back up until I see very little moisture when I check. I don't look forward to opening the bags...I'm sure there will be bugs that come out of the bark and no matter what my self talk is about creepy crawly things I generally end up hopping around and squealing. Maybe I can talk Ben into helping me.

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