Thursday, July 17, 2014

Timeline of a custom order

I love custom orders and I hate them.  Sometimes they push me to try techniques I haven't or otherwise wouldn't and it's a great feeling to make something special for a loved one. I'm happy I did it when it's done. But between the initial conversation about the idea for an item and the end product, there are typically some dark places and frustrations. Here's how the process pretty much always goes for me:

The most recent order like this was for a set of pins; shotgun shells set in sterling.  I hadn't made pin backs before but I'd read some tutorials and thought that I got how to do them well enough to give it a try.

I started with the shotgun shells, removing the plastic sleeve by melting it out.

I made the bezels and the pin pieces.  When I say it like that it seems like there were no problems, but there were.  Over and over again I melted pieces and didn't get good was sort of a nightmare.  I had to put them aside for a while and pull myself together.  

I finally finished three of them and then choked again on the fourth.  I stepped back and tried it a few days later.  That seemed to help - after what seemed like an eternity, they are done and shipped and I can start thinking about the next project.

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