Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Guest post: Swimming duck cupcakes

My 12 year old niece Grace made the cutest swimming duck cupcakes last weekend and is letting me share her process here.  (Thanks to my sister Susan for taking and sending me the pictures!)

Adorable, right?  She made the cupcakes from scratch and let them cool completely, then added a layer of frosting to adhere the head and tail - a donut hole and a marshmallow cut on an angle.

She melted yellow frosting by heating it in the microwave, then turned the cupcakes over and dipped them one at a time.  This step takes some time - you have to hold the cupcake upside down for a minute or so while the frosting cools.

She cut Starburst candy and squeezed them into beaks and feet and sorted mini m&ms to get sets of eyes. The final step was attaching the candy with little dabs of frosting.  

A fleet of ducks!  They all seem to have their own little personalities.

This one looks like the puppy at the shelter compelling you to take it home; I don't think I could eat this one.  Unless I closed my eyes.

Great job, Grace - thanks for letting me post the project here! 

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