Sunday, December 8, 2013

Copper wine glass charms

A friend asked me if I could make a set of these for a holiday I'm thinking I might need a set of my own!  (Ok, not really.  I never, ever have people over to entertain so that would be a waste.  But maybe I will make a set to give as a gift to someone more extroverted than me.)

She asked for the copper charms to be numbered, one through eight.  I've seen a lot of wine glass charms, but I don't remember ever seeing them numbered and I think it's a fabulous idea.  They can work with any set of guests.

Each of the charms has a polished agate bead dangle added in colors that are complimentary to the copper.  I added a little bit of a patina to bring out the detail on the numbers and those should just get better with time.

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