Saturday, January 19, 2013

Winter slump.

It happens every year: the activity of the holidays dies down I have no interest in making new jewelry. But no matter how predictable the slump is, I can't help wondering if I'm ever going back to the workbench. The last couple of months have been a big push on the jewelry front - custom orders, the Bizarre Bazaar, gifts - and I'm not feeling particularly inspired to get back to work.

What I've learned about the slump is not to fight it. If I make myself go out to the bench to try to produce something it generally doesn't end well. So instead I use that time on the weekends going through old articles and books, cleaning in my work area, or trying to make some improvements to the marketing side of things. Eventually, I know (hope) I'll feel like trying something and will wander back out there.

Speaking of marketing, I have a small collection of my broomcast and fold formed pieces in the gift gallery at the Lincoln Art Center and am their featured artist for January! If you *happen* to be driving through north central Kansas and feel the need to browse some handcrafted items, stop by and check out the gift gallery.  Here are a few of the items I have at the Art Center:

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