Saturday, January 12, 2013

The holidays...condensed.

The last few weeks have been busier than usual, so this is a quick catch up post.

In the week before Christmas, I had a couple of custom orders for rings that I needed to get done.  The first was a sterling ring with a copper spinner on it that looks a lot like this one:

...and a set of personalized sterling stacking rings that were a gift and needed to get to California by Christmas Eve.

We made our annual gingerbread house on Christmas Eve.  I baked and assembled the house and then Ben did the decorating.  We made a smaller house because he wanted to focus more on the yard this year.  I think he did a fabulous job!

We had a great holiday break with family and are finally all back in our routines - work, school, the regular stuff.  At the end of the year I ordered some new tools and materials for silver and glass projects that I'm excited about.  Maybe after I actually take down the Christmas tree, I will get back out to the workbench...

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