Saturday, September 8, 2012

Wedding cake....jars

When Hally started planning her wedding I told her I would make her cake as my gift to her.  I had images of a tiered cake that I would bring deconstructed and assemble on site which could be tricky since that car would also need to bring four people and all of their crap for a several-night stay.  But I knew it would work out, mostly because Lowell will do whatever it takes to support my ridiculousness with no complaints.

In the end, Hally made it so much easier by requesting jarcakes and a small cutting cake.  We settled on four flavors and I made them over a couple of weekends, tossing the finished jarcakes in the freezer.  We still had to figure out how to drive them three hours in 100 degree heat without them completely disintegrating but stacking the boxes of jars in coolers worked great.  I brought the cutting cake and frosted it during the reception.

Since it was such a hot evening and the reception was outside, we waited to put the cake out until it was time to serve.  During the reception one of the guests asked my mother where the cake was and she said, "in a bunch of boxes on the counter inside" (hee hee!).  I was a little nervous about getting it all set up but with a little help it was quick work (thank you, Andrea and Gage!).


I used chalkboard contact paper and a chalk pen to label the groups of flavors, which seemed to work fine.  Everyone left the jars behind, so we washed them and now I have lots of jars to use to shower my family with cupcakes shipped to their doors over the coming year!  


  1. What a wonderful gift. And how clever the jarcakes are. They look so pretty on the table. How did the guests like them?

  2. Thanks, Cynthia! They went over well, and the leftovers went to the freezer for the next big family gathering - a nice bonus!