Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cookies for Baby Sofia

That's right, siblings. You know I fight dirty, so this won't be a surprise to any of you, but just be aware that the competition to be Sofia's favorite is ON.

I attached the sugar jewels I made over the weekend to some of the cookies we packed up and sent to Susan and Sergei. The cookies are all about their baby-to-be, Sofia. Ben helped me with the dough cutting, design, decorating, and all-day affair, off and on.

Hmm. I hope Susan and Sergei were really firm on the name. I mean, I think they were...

I'm not sure how well the sugar jewels will travel. They are basically like unwrapped lollipops, sitting in icing on top of a wrapped cookie. They could be fairly unrecognizable by the time they arrive, but this will be a good test.

Rather than package them by using twist ties, we sealed them with the Foodsaver thing I have(if you put the folded edge of the cello bag on the little ledge of the Foodsaver, it provides a heat seal and will keep the air out) and then made our own little tent labels to go over them. Ben had some foam hearts he felt were appropriate, and we had a good time putting them together. (Although at one point, I left to check on dinner and came back to find a couple of labels that had hearts on them with messages like, "B Cool" and "text me" and "lol"...those had to come off.)

We packed them vertically rather than stacking them horizontally(this supposedly helps with could be a myth, though. I don't actually believe that all boxes are transported with the top facing up), surrounded by packing peanuts in a box. Then we put that box in a bigger box, cushioned with more packing peanuts. Hopefully they will get to Susan and Sergei looking somewhat decent. They should taste good, regardless of appearance!

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