Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cookies: experimenting

Well, I failed.

With winter blasting away outside last weekend, I decided to make cookies just to experiment. I tried to make Spongebob cookies, and although they seem to have all of the individual elements to that wonderful little guy, something is missing. And...horribly WRONG.

I think this one comes the closest, but still doesn't really get there:

Spongebob didn't go quite as hoped, but I did like how these turned out:

Wouldn't it be kind of fun to get thank you cookies in the mail rather than a card?

I have another batch of sugar cookie dough--a different recipe--in the fridge, cooling it's heels until later, when I give things another shot. Gage had the nerve to ask me why I was making so many sugar cookies lately. In case you are wondering the same thing, here is the ugly truth: I can't get them just right, and I will not stand for that. The recipe is off a little bit, like there is maybe too much flour involved. So I keep trying, altering as I go, to see if I can tweak it just the right way and get the results I envision. I need dough that is sweet and buttery, but will not spread out when I bake it and can be rolled and cut into shapes.

So until I conquer this, sugar cookies for everyone!


  1. oh my gosh!! I think he looks great!!!!

    I did go and study him a bit though and I noticed his eyes actually overlap a tad in almost all the pics I saw of him.....umm, what else...he has those little puffed cheeks...and maybe you could make the chin squiggle pink?

    But I think you did a BANG up job!!! My son would be SO impressed! Can't wait to show him tonight. :)


  2. Thanks, Janice! You're right, I was having trouble with the eyes being so close and then...well...the nose would get in the way. There has to be a way, an order that makes it work...

  3. I am totally here to take in some cookies that are "wrong".