Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Fold formed copper earrings with a blue patina

The fall time change is probably something that most people look forward to.  Not me.  I already wake up really early whether I want to or not and the additional hour sometimes means I wander the house doing laundry or other semi-quiet things while I wait for the sun to come up.  I know that eventually I'll adjust to the change and won't wake up at 4am so I like to be productive if I can.

This week I've gotten some time in at the workbench during that extra early morning time and it's been a nice way to start the week days.  I worked on a group of fold formed earrings and I really love the outcome.

I started with a fairly substantial piece of copper that I annealed and folded and annealed and hammered and annealed and hammered.  


I'm drawn to the red of a heat patina on copper but decided to change things up a little bit after I got the earrings cut and sanded.  I put the copper pieces in a container with ammonia and salt to develop a blue patina instead.  The result is pretty rustic and a great match to the organic look of fold forming. 

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