Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Easing back in

Last weekend I finally spent some real time at the workbench just doing whatever I felt like doing - it was fantastic!  This year I haven't made much at all and I think the break was a good idea; I'm not selling at the show I've done for the last 14 years (I think?) because last year it felt like such a chore to get ready and I could tell I needed some down time.  I feel ready to start spending more time creating, though - and that's a relief.

Finally, some new pieces to show off!

Copper and sterling earrings with a heat patina, texture added in the hydraulic press:

Simple hammered sterling silver earrings:

Stamped sterling silver earrings that have been oxidized to bring out the details:

A couple of pairs of stamped sterling silver earrings - one long and one short:

And a keychain for Ben.  He's been asking me for one for almost a year so I finally finished it.  The copper was textured in the hydraulic press, the sterling is recycled and stamped, and a small sterling silver shot added to the center.  I made the stamp that creates the little triangle shapes with a masonry nail so it was fun to get to use it.

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